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Level 4 LiquidGuard Gowns
Comfort Plus LiquidGuard Level 4 Isolation Gowns are made with specically engineered impervious fabrics which provides ultimate fluid/ bacterica protection yet allows air to breathe through to maximize wearer comfort.
Lead Time
1-3 days
Estimate Time
5-10 days
Product Description
Air Permeability is 0.562 cfm/ft per ASTM D737 *Completely fluid and viral impervious *Pass Synthetic Blood Penetration per ASTM F1670 *Pass viral Penetration per ASTM F1671 *Pass Spray Impact test = 0 Grams *Pass ChemoDrug Permeation Test per ASTM F739-12 Can be used by staff handling hazarodous drugs
Product Specification
Full Back, Knee Length, Tie at Back, Knit Cuffs