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• High quality mask protection for industrial & general use settings • Manufactured in FDA Registered Facility • Manufactured to KN95 and CE Certification Standards • Breathable and comfortable • Layered design for enhanced filter effectiveness • Comfortable material designed for smooth breathing • White • 5 Masks each in clear plastic wrap • 50 Masks per box • 20 Boxes per carton • The CDC recommends the use of cloth/fabric face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The use of face masks is currently required in public places in all states. Currently all airlines are requiring the use of face masks on flights emanating from the United States.
Product Description
Special Buy KN95 Filtering Face Mask These high quality mask are simple, effective, and comfortable to wear for protection in industrial and general-use settings. Not intended for medical uses or for use in healthcare facilities. Manufactured in FDA Registered facility. Manufactured to KN95 and CE Certification Standards. Random Sampling during production: Confirmation of Ultrasonic welding joints, ear-loop tension testing, fitment testing and fabric integrity verification.
Product Specification
• Color: White • Standard: KN95 • Packing Type:5 Masks each in clear plastic wrap, 50 Masks per box • Packing Unit: 50 Masks per Box • Package Quantity: 20 Boxes